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Buzzbait Spinnerbait 3/8oz
  • Buzzbait Spinnerbait 3/8oz
  • Buzzbait Spinnerbait 3/8oz

Buzzbait Spinnerbait 3/8oz

Item No.: Buzzbait 2
Product name :  Nebulasa
Spinnerbait color : Mixed color
Fishing Spinner Material :jig Spinner bait with Silicone rubber skirt
Spinner bait Weight :3/8oz
Spinners spoon bait Targeted fish:bass pike perch etc.

Elitelure Nebulosa Buzzbait

Top performance tournament buzzbait
The EliteLure Nebula Buzzbait is a wirebaits that extremes the technical content of conventional buzzbait, and brings them to a new level of performance. Equipped with an extra light multi-leveled pallet, to get into action at the slightest mention of recovery, and at the same time to ensure action and rotation at the lowest recovery speeds. The particular bending of the arm makes this bait very stable in the trajectories and at the same time, it enters collision course with the pallet, causing a noticeable clack effect from the bottom to the depths. Anti-chip paint, thick, vibrant skirts, and a very robust chemically sharpened Daiichi hook, make Nebulosa a reference buzzbait, destined to be a standard for years.
Weight 3/8 oz